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Bakery products

With the same passion and dedication that we knead bread, we also prepare several baked goods: the popular Thessaloniki bread ring, a wide variety of small breads of different flavours and sizes, the delicious sugar-sprinkled doughnut, praline-filled croissants, and many other delights that you can find and taste in our stores.

Traditional Pies and Individual Breakfasts

By collecting traditional recipes from Macedonia and Epirus, we have created a unique recipe for phyllo pastry, which we use to wrap the unique raw materials of our land. Cheeses from Paggeo, Greek vegetables, herbs and exquisite oils make up unique flavours. One bite will convince you -we are waiting for you.

Cold Sandwiches – Salads – Beverages – Coffees

While delving into bread recipes, eventually, men create a… men-u! A menu that combines the aromas of the breads, the flavours of exquisite cheeses and cured meats, fresh vegetables, all embraced by sauces that complete the masterpiece.

The unique aromas of our freshly roasted coffee, our beverages and our freshly baked breakfasts, along with the warmest smiles, are everyday reasons to enjoy your breakfast in our stores!
Through a wide variety of savoury and sweet snacks, we keep you company all day long.
We work daily with our expert partner for you to enjoy the unique quality and taste of the best coffee blend on the market!