Where flavours come to life

Our workshop

SKLARIS Bakeries has a complete and vertically integrated production line.


It has structured and organised its production process ensuring quality and guaranteeing the result. Strict quality controls are carried out daily, at all stages of production and distribution.


It observes and maintains strict standards in accordance with the International Food Safety Quality System ISO 22000/2005.


The state-of-the-art equipment and its continuous modernisation, combined with the adoption of new production methods and processes, perfectly meets the requirements of SKLARIS Bakeries customers!

The secret of each recipe is based on three main pillars:   Excellent raw materials The strive to discover new flavours and techniques in pastry making The favourite recipes that are passed down from generation to generation

The experience and technological know-how of the production staff at SKLARIS Bakeries ensure quality, meet culinary requirements, and transmit our local recipes to every neighbourhood!